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Carpet Cleaning Services Liverpool

Searching for carpet cleaners in Liverpool? Stop right there! My Cleaners Liverpool offers competent carpet cleaning services, executed by professional rug cleaners. 
Your textile floor coverings are the centerpiece of your living rooms and maybe one of your biggest investments? We will maintain their appearance, soft feel and even prolong their lifespan by performing a deep carpet cleaning session. When done right on a regular basis and from, your rugs will be kept clean and hygienic for years to come, ensuring a healthy home for your family, especially when you have infants and small children.

The quality carpet cleaning service we offer helps to keep the fabric look refreshed and revived for long. The different types of natural and synthetic rug fibres require individual cleaning approach. Check out the cleanings methods My Cleaners Liverpool's technicians perform when it comes to carpet cleaning:

  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning: Injecting hot water and special cleaning solutions under pressure into the carpet pile. At the same time, the water is extracted by a powerful vacuum machine along with all dirt, dust and impurities. Depending on the size of your carpeting, a few hours will be needed for it to completely dry. You can speed up the drying process by opening a door or a window.
  • Dry carpet cleaning: This technique is recommended for antique rugs, carpets that may shrink or ones of man-made fibres. Dry enzyme powder is sprayed over the surface of the carpet and then rubbed deep within the fibres. After that, the powder is vacuumed up with all dust, dirt and soiling. As no water is used, there is no drying time.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Process Step by Step 

  • The technicians bring all the equipment and detergents needed for the thorough carpet cleaning session
  • They place protective folio pads under furniture legs to prevent any new stains
  • Next is the assessment of the carpet's fabric to help choose the most appropriate cleaning techniques and solutions
  • The textile surface is then vacuumed to remove any loose dirt particles
  • Next, the rug cleaning team pre-treat all stubborn stains and high-traffic areas
  • Finally, a thorough carpet cleaning sessions is performed, hinge upon the method choosen

Hire the Expert Carpet Cleaners at My Cleaners Liverpool and:

  • Return the sweet smell and colours your favourite carpets and rugs once had
  • Enjoy their new look and feel, free of spots, stains and allergies
  • All rug cleaners are professionally trained and qualified in proper fibre assessment
  • Trust them to choose the right carpet cleaning methods and products
  • Using only eco-friendly detergents, safe for your children and pets
  • A great fit for end of tenancy cleaning service
  • Ask for special deals and cost savings when ordering more services at the same time
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